Senda Litoral Málaga, Costa del sol

Senda Litoral Málaga, Costa del sol

Description of the route

This hiking route is included in the Senda Litoral de Málaga project, which aims to unite the entire coast of the province through a large itinerary by the sea to walk from one end of the province to the other. the construction started in Mijas being one of the first to undertake the commissioning of this road, which, in many of its sections, is made by wooden footbridges, and, always, parallel to the Mediterranean coast line. For these characteristics this type of routes are very comfortable and do not involve a great effort, since there is practically no section with slope. The current section goes from La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda or vice versa. In addition to having a great landscape value, it also allows us to better know the biological values ​​of the area, since at certain points of the itinerary there are information panels on the natural characteristics and on the animal and plant species that have their habitat in this Mediterranean strip.

Fauna and flora to enjoy the walk

You can see, both ornithological species linked to the Mediterranean, and different types of seagulls. Other examples of fauna in this environment are the millipede, the colilarga lizard or the tenebrionid beetle. Greater wealth waits from the shores towards the sea, with small marine species among its rocky areas. Specifically, in the area known as intertidal ponds, urchins, octopi, mussels, barnacles or blennies await, which should never be captured, as they are, in many cases, the livelihood of birds that also have their habitat in this coastal strip With regard to flora, you can see from palm hearts to marine chrysanthemums, sea lily, among other unique botanical species, to be highlighted, near La Luna beach, there is a very interesting dune

La Cala- RivieraFrom the Torrreón de la Cala,

the trail begins along a stretch of maritime walkway in the west. Despite this, there are signs and milestones at the beginning of this stage that remind us that this is a route assigned to the Litoral Path. The first meters, therefore, will be made on a comfortable pedestrian zone, where the sea is on the left and some residential villas on the right. Shortly after, you will see the first stretch of wooden road, a bridge that serves to save the creek of the Cala de Mijas. After just over a kilometer, you reach the beach of Bombo. Here begins an interesting wooden walkway that will lead to the residential area known as Riviera. This part of the route is exciting, since with this infrastructure created for the Coastal Path some of the most rugged areas of the Mijeño coast are saved. The footbridge offers some curves and turns that with very wide perspectives of the Costa del Sol. In this case, you can see areas of the municipality of Fuengirola or intuit some that correspond to Marbella, such as the beach of Cabopino, which is bordering with Calahonda. Here begins the section that was carried out in a second phase. From the second traditional slipway of the trail it is possible to see the mass of the Torre de Calahonda, in a rocky cape, we passed through the Arroyo de Calahonda, the Alhamar blocks appear closing the coast and a new wooden path next to the Doñas lola, where Seasy Stay have their offices

La Luna Passing behind the beach bar begins another section of footbridges, which this time sit on a dune stabilized by vegetation. A short detour takes you to know the cork oak of the Arroyo de la Algaida, a singular tree, while a little further on an araucaria has gained its position among the woods of the path. The interesting flora of the dunes surrounds the parquet floor onwards, either as a dense Mediterranean scrub or as herbs scattered throughout the sand. After 1300 meters of footbridges, the beach is accessed again and the beach of La Luna is reached. with a beautiful area of ​​palm trees on the same footbridge, from here there are still a few meters of path in the direction of Puerto de Cabopino, ending at the Mijas and Marbella border.

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